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‘What do you make of this? asked Root eventually. One of the reasons he made such a fine commander was that he respected his officers’ opinions.

Julius was gone. Artemis was dead. Butler was dead. How could she go on? What was the point?

Something nudged Holly’s arm. An aqua-pod.

Mulch slathered his fingers with spittle and spread it around the crown of his head, reaching as far back as the manacles would allow. He could feel his hair hardening, clamping onto his head like a helmet. Exactly like a helmet. As he licked, Mulch drew great breaths of air through his nose, storing the air in his intestines. Each breath sucked air out of the pressurized space faster than the pumps could push it back in.

‘Just like that?

Artemis looked around, eyelids fluttering like camera shutters, absorbing every detail. He was in a small box room, about ten square feet. One wall was completely transparent and appeared to look out over the Dublin quays. From the position of the Millennium Bridge, the room was somewhere in the Temple Bar area. The chamber itself was constructed from a strange material. Some kind of silver-gray fabric. Rigid, but malleable, with several plasma screens on the opaque walls. It was all extremely hi-tech, but seemed years old, and almost abandoned.

‘Hey, Bertholt, what’s the problem? It’s only an elevator.

Butler stood. Absolutely. If I leave him here, he will probably get himself arrested.”


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