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  The natives told him that if he would keep on he would find anotherbay which they called Arburarno, which is supposed to be the LagunaChiriqui. They said the people, of that country, lived in the mountains.

  As has been said, however, this does not mean that he was a greatorganizer of cities, or that he was the right person to put in charge of anewly founded colony. It has happened more than once in the history ofnations that a great general, who can conquer armies and can obtain peace,has not succeeded in establishing a colony or in governing a city.

  All that Columbus asked or needed was three small vessels and theirstores and crews. The largest ships engaged were little larger than the largeyachts, whose races every summer delight the people of America. TheGallega and the Pinta were the two largest. They were called caravels, aname then given to the smallest three-masted vessels. Columbus once uses it for a vessel of forty tons; but it generally applied in Portuguese orSpanish use to a vessel, ranging one hundred and twenty to one hundredand forty Spanish "toneles." This word represents a capacity about one-tenth larger than that expressed by our English "ton."The reader should remember that most of the commerce of the timewas the coasting commerce of the Mediterranean, and that it was not wellthat the ships should draw much water. The fleet of Columbus, as it sailed,consisted of the Gallega (the Galician), of which he changed the name tothe Santa Maria, and of the Pinta and the Nina. Of these the first two wereof a tonnage which we should rate as about one hundred and thirty tons.

  In another gale the foremast was sprung, and it was only on theseventh of November that the shattered and storm-pursued vessel arrivedat San Lucar. Columbus himself had been suffering, through the voyage,from gout and his other maladies. The voyage was, indeed, a harshexperience for a sick man, almost seventy years old.

  Fourth. The course and distance from Crooked to Long Island is thatwhich the Admiral gives from Santa Maria to Fernandina.

  Martin Pinzon also understood that the king of that land was at warwith the Grand Khan, whom they called Cami. The Admiral determined togo to the river the Indians mentioned, and to send to the king the letter ofthe sovereigns. He meant to send with it a sailor who had been to Guinea,and some of the Guanahani Indians. He was encouraged, probably, by thename of Carni, in thinking that he was really near the Grand Khan.

  He found a secure harbor and a good place for a settlement, But hethought it too far from the place where he expected to find a gold mine.

  It is clear, therefore, that among her last thoughts came in the wish todo justice to him whom she had served so well. She had well done herduty which had been given her to do. She had never forgotten the newworld to which it was her good fortune to send the discoverer, and in herdeath that discoverer lost his best friend.


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