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  This letter closes by the expression of his determination to go on withhis three ships for further discoveries.

  He said to them, "by signs as best be could," that since he was thuswounded, they were to invite the Admiral to come to visit him. As theywere going away, he gave each of them a golden jewel, as each "appearedto him to deserve it." "This gold," says Dr. Chanca, "is made in verydelicate sheets, like our gold leaf, because they use it for making masksand to plate upon bitumen. They also wear it on the head and for earringsand nose-rings, and therefore they beat it very thin as they only wear it forits beauty and not for its value."The Admiral decided to go to the cacique on the next day. He wasvisited early in the day by his brother, who hurried on the visit. TheAdmiral went on shore and all the best people (gente de pro) with him,handsomely dressed, as would be suitable in a capital city." They carriedpresents. with them, as they had already received gold from him.

  Escobar drew up to the ships, on which the Spaniards still lived, andgave them a letter from Ovando, the new governor of Hispaniola, withsome bacon and a barrel of wine, which were sent as presents to theAdmiral. He told Columbus, in a private interview, that the governor hadsent him to express his concern at his misfortune, and his regret that hehad not a vessel of sufficient size to bring off all the people, but that hewould send one as soon as possible. He assured him that his concerns inHispaniola were attended to faithfully in his absence; he asked him towrite to the governor in reply, as he wished to return at once.

  In the second voyage, a magnificent fleet, equipped with all that theroyal service could command, crowded with eager adventurers who areexcited by expectations of romance and of success, goes on the very sameadventure.

  A very curious question has arisen in later times as to the actual placewhere the remains now are. On this question there is great discussionamong historians, and many reports, official and unofficial, have beenpublished with regard to it.

  Columbus, in an eager wish to be of use, by a returning messengerbegged Ovando to delay this fleet till the gale had passed. But the seamenridiculed him and his gale, and begged Ovando to send the fleet home.

  There was danger of an explosion, and Columbus himself, seeing thisdanger, flung himself into the sea, seized a floating oar, and thus gained the shore. He was not far from Lisbon, and from this time made Lisbon hishome for many years.[*]

  After exploring this island they sailed again on Wednesday, the twenty-seventh, southwest and quarter southwest about ninety miles, and againthey saw land, which is supposed to be the island of Guanaja or Bonacca,near the coast of Honduras.


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