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how much does contractors charge to paint a house

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“Can’t we bore a hole in the tank, insert a small faucet or tap, and let the gas out that way gradually?” asked the boy. “When we get down we can rescue those in danger of fire, and, later, can repair the break.”

It took the rest of the day to do this, as the inventor found it would be advisable to attach a weight to the end of the cylinder, to hold it upright in the column of water. The weight could be detached automatically when they were shot up into the midst of the ocean, where, as Hankos had told them, the column spurted forth.

Those of you who read of their adventures will recall the strange island which they came upon in the Atlantic Ocean, far from the coast of South America.

Then the lights in the interior of the ship went out, leaving the whole craft in darkness.

For an instant Mark was too horror-stricken to move. Then with a shout that alarmed the others, who were coming along more slowly, he made a dash for the place he had last seen Jack.


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