Our Chapter

  • lionsFrom the time it was founded, the North Carolina Chi Chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity has worked hard to establish specific goals and has aspired to meet those goals in an effort to separate the organization from others on campus and create a unique environment for its members.  Each brother is challenged to live up to the calling of our motto, The True Gentleman.


    The following topics highlight specific areas in which the organization believes a True Gentleman can be defined:


    Community Service

    Every brother of the North Carolina Chi chapter realizes the importance of giving back to those less fortunate as well as living up to Wake Forest’s motto “Pro Humanitate” and has therefore pledged themselves to completing at least ten hours of community service every semester while an active brother of the fraternity.  In addition to completing ten hours of service individually, the organization also actively participates in numerous group philanthropic events.  In addition to participating in university sponsored events such as Hit the Bricks, Wake ‘n Shake, Project Pumpkin, DESK, and other community oriented events, the fraternity also plans events on its own…


    • The chapter volunteers for one week every semester at the Samaritan Inn
    • The chapter has adopted Polo Road between Reynolda and Cherry Street and cleans it monthly
    • Many of the active brothers volunteer as big brothers through the Winston-Salem Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization


    In addition to the aforementioned activities, the chapter is constantly looking for new ways to improve the community and pair up with other organizations to sponsor events.



    Performing well in school is something that the chapter also takes very seriously.  Measures have been taken to see that brothers are held accountable for their scholarship and there are consequences for not fulfilling these obligations.


    • Each brother is expected to maintain a 2.5 average each semester
    • If a brother falls below a 2.5 he is required to attend weekly study halls
    • If a brother’s scholarship remains below a certain level his social privileges are subject to being reconsidered


    Brothers who go above and beyond the minimum scholastic requirements are rewarded for their achievement. 


    Finally, our scholarship chairman monitors every brother’s grades and reserves the right to hold him accountable for maintaining academic excellence.



    Each and every brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon participates in various brotherhood events which occur throughout the semester.  These events are designed to encourage further bonding amongst the chapter’s members.  They also provide specific times which brothers set aside to further explore the meaning of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the ideals it holds.  The following are examples of brotherhood events…

    • Group dinners which are scheduled to occur at least twice a month
    • Bowling
    • Basketball tournaments
    • Annual SAE Brotherhood Golf Tournament held every Spring
    • Doubles tennis tournament
    • Attending sporting events



    As with all Greek organizations, Sigma Alpha Epsilon has a unique history.  The North Carolina Chi chapter works hard to learn this history and incorporate it into our everyday lives.  Several members of our chapter annually attend the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Leadership School which is held to further develop and promote the fraternity nationally.  The chapter also completes a ritual training seminar each semester to remind active brothers what the fraternity stands for and to promote these ideals throughout everyday life.  Finally, the chapter is working hard to develop a much more defined history of our chapter’s history because we are young chapter that is still developing.


    School Involvement

    Being an integrated part of the Wake Forest community is considered to be a necessity to the chapter.  Each active brother is encouraged to participate in at least two other Wake Forest organizations and will be required to do so in the future.  In an effort to promote good relationships with the faculty and staff, the chapter also annually hosts a faculty appreciation reception to honor those members of the faculty who have positively influenced the brothers of the chapter.


    The North Carolina Chi Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon works hard to continually improve upon our past and meet the goals and expectations of the university for the future.  Being a newer chapter on campus, the organization realizes the need for setting defined goals and working to achieve them.  The brothers constantly work to recruit young and motivated men across campus to come together for a common good.  Each and every brother truly believes that embodying the essence of a True Gentleman is an ideal to live for and a great example of the chapter’s desire to achieve excellence in accordance with the expectations of Greek Life at Wake Forest.