Sigma Alpha Epsilon has a long history of serving the community, the nation, and even the world.  Here at the North Carolina Chi chapter, we make an effort to help when and where we can.  Each semester, we budget money specifically to help fund philanthropic events.  Unlike many fraternities, it is a requirement for brothers to reach a certain level of community service each semester, encouraging the entire fraternity to be involved.  Events that we have consistently helped with in recent years have included, but have not been limited to, Samaritan, Roadside Clean-up on Polo Road, Hit the Bricks, Wake N' Shake, and Meals-on Wheels.  We take pride in our community here at Wake, and we hope to continue volunteering for years to come.




    Past Events

    Hit the Bricks 2009


    hit the bricks 2009 

    Brothers Ben Winikoff, Ben Suitt, Rich Loria, Rob Abraham, Keith Bush, Rob Schaaf and Shane Chilton run laps around the quad to raise money for cancer research.

     hit the bricks 2009 2


    Project Pumpkin 2008


    Project Pumpkin 2008

    Brother Ben Winikoff volunteers at the SAE Pie Throw booth at Wake Forest's annual Project Pumpkin.




    For more information about SAE & Philanthropy, please contact our Philanthropy Chair, Steve Yeager at